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Published on September 28th, 2013 | by Connie Mei


5 Reasons Why It’s OK To Quit Your Job

Do you hate your job? You’re not alone. We’ve all been in the same place. Every day, you sit in your cubicle counting down the minutes, even seconds, until 5 o’clock. You want to rip your hair out every time your boss calls your name. You live for weekends. You’ve realized you hate your job and it’s sucking your soul out but what now? You can’t just quit… can you? The truth is you can. People come and go from jobs every day. While you might feel guilty or hesitant to quit, there are plenty of reasons why you should. Here are 5 reasons why it’s OK to quit your job:

  1. It’s taking over your life – you get to work at the crack of dawn and leave when it’s pitch dark outside. Your personal life is suffering and you have no work life balance. If you feel like your job is taking over your life and you’re not comfortable devoting every waking second of your life to it, it’s ok to quit. Just because you want have free time doesn’t make you any less hard-working or responsible. We’re humans and we should work to live, not the other way around.
  2. It’s not challenging enough – many of us have taken jobs that didn’t turn out to necessarily be what we imagined. If you’re bored to death and always want more, that’s a sign that you should quit your job. While we work to make money, it’s also important to feel like your job is improving your skills in one way or another. Talk to your manager to see if there are other projects for you or if you’re better off working in another department. If not, it’s time to go.
  3. There’s no room for growth – you work your butt off and you’re a rock star at what you do. You’ve proven time and time again that you’re ready to take the next step in your career, whatever that may be. The only problem is that there’s nowhere to go. It may be years before you’ll get promoted and you’re just not willing to waste that time. And you shouldn’t. Unfortunately, in many companies, it will take someone to quit before you get promoted. If you feel like you could do more, find another job where you can do it. A couple years can be a long time in your career and you don’t want to waste it.
  4. You have a better offer lined up – Sometimes, opportunities just present themselves. You might have another offer lined up with better benefits, better salary, or better company culture. You might feel loyal to your current company, which is why you’re hesitant to jump ship. But at the end of the day, business is business. Don’t feel guilty for leaving if there’s something better knocking at your door. You have to think about yourself and your future. People leave jobs all the time, they will survive without you.
  5. You are completely stressed out – We all feel a little stress from our jobs and that’s ok. Deadlines are tough to meet and bosses can be demanding. But if you feel like the stress from your job is preventing you from functioning, then you need to rethink what’s really important to you. Nothing is worth your health, nothing. Not even keeping your job. If you’re so stressed out that it’s affecting your health, then it’s time to think about quitting. Life is too short to be stressing out all the time.

No matter what the reason is, it’s never easy to quit a job. There’s always a fear stemming from letting go of work because you never know when you might find it again or what might be next. If you have something else lined up, then go for it. If not, it’s still ok to quit your job if you’re doing it for the right reasons. Everyone’s situation is different so only you will be able to decide if it’s right or not. Life is too short to be working at a job you hate so take a risk. You never know what else might be out there until you look for it.

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