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Published on September 29th, 2013 | by Connie Mei


You Know You’re A New Yorker When…


1. Times Square is your worst nightmare

What can be worse than flashing neon lights, hundreds of tourists and double decker tour buses? If you’ve ever been to New York, then you probably know I’m referring to Times Square. It’s every New Yorker’s worst nightmare – overpriced and overcrowded. In fact, you steer clear of anywhere within a 10 block radius of Times Square if you can.


2. You have no savings

Sad but true. New York is one expensive place to live. It’s a place where dreams are made, but only if you’re financially savvy enough to make them happen. If you’re a young professional living in New York, that probably means spending 80% of your income on rent and the rest on ramen and cereal….and 5 for $10 shots at Continental. Don’t expect to be able to save much money unless you’re making six figures.


3. Your apartment is the size of a closet

When I said you’d be spending 80% of your income on rent, I meant you would be renting a shack or closet. Space is hard to come by in New York, unless you have money to shell out. If you’re a New Yorker, you’ve probably lived in a small studio walk up at some point and all you could fit in it was a bed and a desk. But who really cares? If you live in New York, you spend so much time exploring the city that you’re never really in your apartment anyways.


4. You roll your eyes when you hear “It’s Showtime!” on the subway

Ever get stuck in a subway car with a bunch of teenage kids doing backflips and playing loud music for money? If you’re a New Yorker, then you probably can’t think of a time when you haven’t seen them on the subway. Not only is it dangerous but rather annoying as well. Like, kids please stop, my subway ride home is the only peace and quiet I get all day.


5. You say House-ton Street, not Houston

Houston Street is one of the most well known in downtown Manhattan. If you want to seem like a true New Yorker, make sure you don’t pronounce it like the city in Texas. It’s House-ton Street, folks.


6. You think Central Park is the great outdoors

If you’re in the mood to be one with nature, you immediately think of Central Park because in New York, that’s the closest you will get the wilderness (unless you’re brave enough to venture on the Metro North). There’s a lake and lots of trees…what more do you need?


7. You don’t have a driver’s license

If you live in New York, chances are you either forgot how to drive a car or you don’t have a driver’s license. It’s one place in the world where it’s actually more of a hindrance to own a car. First of all, street parking is almost non-existent and garage parking will cost you an arm and a leg. Second of all, traffic is ridiculous and it’ll easily take you 10 minutes to drive a block anywhere in Manhattan. You’re better off riding the subway, even if it smells bad.


8. You walk fast, real fast

In New York, if you stop you, you get run over. Every one walks to wherever they have to go and they walk fast. You know you’re a New Yorker when your biggest pet peeve is getting stuck behind a group of tourists strolling at leisurely pace, stopping to take pictures every 2 minutes. Like, come on guys, there’s 893 people right behind you.


9. You go to Brooklyn to get away

Sometimes, the city can be too much to handle. If you need to get away, you go to Brooklyn. You’re bound to know at least a couple people who live there. It’s where all the cool kids, otherwise known as hipsters, are. Brooklyn has everything Manhattan has to offer, minus all the hordes of people. It’s edgy and upcoming. In fact, you love Brooklyn so much you would move there, before everyone else finds out about it and the prices go up.

And if you’re not a New Yorker, you can now fake it.

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