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Published on October 28th, 2013 | by Mechelle Lynch


My Neighbour was Almost Killed by Domestic Violence

A feeling of dread and horror overcame me as my neighbour was wheeled away on a stretcher. The ambulance had come barrelling down the street to rescue her from certain death…I hoped. Her face was smashed in like she had been pummelled with a brick and her arms hung funny; broken no doubt. That was all of her I could see as the rest was covered in blood soaked sheets. I was not sure if I was viewing a corpse or just a really badly battered and bruised woman whom I had called my neighbour for less than two years. There was no sound or movement coming from her, so I assumed the worse but hoped for the best.

Her daughter was left thankfully unscathed by the events that had just transpired between her parents but she was traumatised none the less.

Her dad was led away in handcuffs by a bevy of burly cops who threw him into the back of their waiting vehicle in a rough sort of manner.  Serve him right! He should have kept his hands to himself.

I recently moved into a neighbourhood that was part of a new development. Everyone wanted a piece of paradise and wealthy land owners and contractors worked hand in hand to see the dream of many realised; and in return realised a huge profit margin for themselves.

I’m usually the sort that keeps to myself so when I tell you I don’t know half of my neighbours names…believe me! They seem like the nice sort; the couple and their daughter that moved in next door to me. I had no prior knowledge of their previous location and I really didn’t care much to know. I was living my dream in my own little world.

This day in question things between the couple seem to have gotten way out of control when the loud yelling started. All couples fight sooner or later but some are mature enough to keep their spat within the confines of their home. Broadcasting your troubles was always a no-no for me; your business is your business and I really don’t want or need to know who did what to whom!

As I heard it through the grapevine, the escalation of this drama was imminent as the gentleman in question could not keep ‘it’ in his pants. Any woman married or in a committed relationship would rather her man not share his goodies with every Toni, Desiree and Hattie! So being a woman scorned, she was force to make her feeling about his infidelity known. I assumed she had gone through this before but it seemed her love was strong and enduring; to a degree. She had had enough! It was time for him to man up, shape up or ship out (by souders). These challenges of his obvious affairs were met with certain hostility; his actions were swift as he backhanded her across the face. ‘Stupid bitch!’ he yelled as he again slapped her, this time with the inside of his hands. She fell to the floor writhing in pain. He step over her and walked away.

I viewed this exchange from the roadway for as soon as the yelling started the roadway became populated with concern neighbours. We sought out the source of the excited yelling as we were an inquisitive bunch.

Being knocked on her ass didn’t go down too well at all and she retreated to the kitchen for what we soon learnt was a frying pan, to launch her own counter attack. Her attempt at retribution was foiled by his confiscation of said frying pan and the administering of a massive chuck which sent her flying out the open door, landing on her back on the grass. He sprang at her like a monkey as it shimmied from limb to limb. I must say, I was surprised at his speed and agility. Landing straddled atop her, he began to drive his fist into her with as much force as if he was in a fist fight with a man. All this happened amidst screams from a terrified teenager.

We the neighbours sprang into action, screaming at him to stop but being women ourselves, we didn’t dare to challenge him! We feared we would receive much worse for sticking our nose where they did not belong. We were shocked and horrified to say the least, at the continuous pummelling this lady was now taking and this man that felt she deserved such treatment.

He continued to wage war against her amidst our screams. He ignored us completely and we feared he would complete his seemingly intent of killing her. She was screaming and crying…then she stopped. She lay motionless in the grass and he retreated into the house. We gathered around her and saw remnants of a faint breath. She was still alive…at least for now.

Her clothes were torn and her nakedness was covered only in panties. Someone ran out with a sheet to give her back some measure of dignity; even as we had just witnessed such a horrible situation.

I threw up in my mouth a little. The sight of a woman who could be my sister being treated like a rag doll was a little more that my constitution would allow. Some of us were in tears, some were angry but all of us were horrified. We did not dare touch her for we did not know the extent of her injuries and didn’t want to injure her further.

Somewhere in all the commotion, the police department had been contacted and they soon arrived with the ambulance in tow. We were ordered to move away and the area was corded off by at least 10 cops and Special Forces personnel with AK 47’s who ‘secured’ the scene. We all piled into the veranda of a house with the highest perch so we could further assess the situation now the  authoritative presence of the police was in play.

The EMTs did their preliminary assessment on the scene before whisking her away while the lead detective on sight questioned the man extensively to ascertain what transpired. He was still in a rage and deemed non-compliant and therefore was handcuffed, placed in the back of a police vehicle and whisked away.

Somewhere in the entire ruckus the child had the presence of mind to contact a family member who took her away from the scene in tears. With her mother in danger of losing her life and her father surly soon to be incarcerated, her future was unsure.

We hear about these instances of domestic violence every day and some of us go through it at the hands of our spouses. Those of us who have been unfortunate enough to witness it first-hand being played out in part or in its entirety are horrified at the lengths people would go to show their dominance. There is no inherent reason why someone should traumatise another… no reason at all!

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