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Published on September 30th, 2013 | by Musa Badar


10 Types of friends you wish you had

Neither our all-time favorite old joggers are perfect for every occasion, nor is every friend. It’s quite handy rather vital to have friends belonging to all different bandwidths — from intimate to professional — to resonate with the different parts and stages of your life. It may sound quite mean and selfish to have friends for gains but having such friends is like having add-ons, the better the utility, the better things work in life.

1)     The Cool-Dude

We all need one friend who is always cooler than us. Now there can be one million definitions of “cool”. It might be an aesthetic of attitude, nature, and behavior or even physically admired aesthetic such as appearance and style.


Right now, by “cool” I meant the style; such as that the person is updated with the current fashion and is aware about the latest trends and all. The reason is pretty obvious, these are the type of people who help you keep in pace with what is going around. The world is changing quickly and these people are simply better at keeping pace with these evolutions/changes.

2)     The All-Time-Ready-For-Anything Friend

We all need at least one friend who is always up for a plan you propose. He/she is not one of those who need a one-month notification to accompany you for a hiking trip or cliff diving or simply go to a dinner. A friend who says “hell yeah, I’m up for that”.

The urban life has become immensely fast and most of the plans/hangouts have to be spontaneous. This type of friend is always there, ready to go with you no matter what. Unlike the most of your friends who won’t be able to go with you because they have an assignment to do or they are not in a mood or even that they are too lazy at that time.

3)     Yours Exclusively

Then we all need one friend, at least one friend who is just a friend of yours, and the rest of the friends are hardly familiar with this one. Having this type of friend has its own benefits. Above all, quarrels are an essential part in the daily interaction of friends in a group or circle. Even you, for once in a blue moon might have a fight with the other friends in your group. At these times you need such a type of friend who is not involved in the quarrel and you can consult him or maybe just spend time with him/her for a break, a change.

Moreover, most importantly it can’t be denied that the level of privacy in a friends circle is always limited but when you have this type of friend, you are free to share your hopes, your dreams, your fantasies and your concerns that you might not be able to share in a circle. It is my personal observation as well that no matter how tough you are, you always need one such friend with whom you can share everything. It’s in your instincts, the desire to share your problems and concerns with another being no matter how introvert you are.

4)     The Honest Loudmouth

Now this is one type of friend who ultimately does more good to you than bad. He/she infact painfully honest and in fact is a loudmouth who talks before thinking about what he/she is saying or why is he/she saying it without consideration for consequences. But this “diarrhea of mouth” is actually causing them to spit out the truth all the time. They just say it whatever they feel unlike the majority.

This does get annoying sometimes but it can always add to your benefit. Like if you are being too cocky in an argument with your classmates, this type of friend just lets you know the very moment, and it might annoy you early on but you realize soon enough that this cockiness in the argument is spoiling your repo in your class.

5)     The Childhood Buddy

This is one of the most important must-have friend. This type of friend knows you when you had a bowl cut in your childhood or even knows your first crush in your life. These friends are to be cherished as much as they can be because they know you more than anybody else since they have witnessed you evolving through different stages of your life.


Moreover you can always have a good chat with them at off times about the old incidents. Such gossips are surprisingly refreshing whenever you are tired in your life or in a depressed phase.

6)     The Older Friend and the Younger Friend

The older friend, the wiser one

This is one type of friend who can save you from a lot of trouble. Since he is always more experienced and has already learnt the hard lessons of life, he will refrain you from repeating those mistakes. Especially if you like to play safe in your life and don’t take too many risks, this friend is a gem.

The younger friend, the amateur

This type of friend actually helps you to keep in a sound mental and ethical shape. Since you are an older friend, you are like a mentor to the younger friend. So you would not want to set that friend a bad example. Hence it will not let you stray from the path too much, to give him a good role model. Generally, an elder friend is like an elder brother in such friendships.

7)     The Neighbor-Friend

Now if you have all types of friends mentioned, and don’t have a good friend who is your neighbor then you are missing a lot. He is the friend who is instantly available whenever you are in trouble or have to fix your car in the garage or want to go to the market next street to buy grocery for mother and need some company meanwhile.

The thing is he lives next door and is available almost whenever you need him/her. Having this type of friend could help combat loneliness where you live. Many of the times you live far away from the downtown and a good neighbor-friend is just the perfect being to accompany you at casual times when you can’t hang out with friends far away from your place.

8)     The Car Man

Different societies have different culture, if you are living in downtown, perhaps you might not need a car. But I still believe, you must have at least one friend with a car always at his disposal. It’s not a very rare commodity these days but not having this type of friend may cost you so many hang outs, trips to hill stations, road trips to adjacent areas and many more. Having transport issues hindering your plans is the last thing you want.


9)     The IT Geek

Time is changing fast and everything is being digitalized. The era of smart phones and sophisticated digital devices and gadgets has prevailed all over. You obviously are not a computer and IT geek and trust me these technologies and gadgets keep on troubleshooting with a frequency no less than the frequency with which your doorbell rings. So having a friend who is a computer and IT geek is one big asset my friends, he can fix it all.


10)     The Friend with Benefit

Now this culture is not very common in Asia especially in the South Asia. Majority of the cultures are so premature and primitive here that the very concept of sex is just when you are married. Since I am a liberal and majority of the youth are liberals too, this culture of “friend with benefit” has its own perks.

For those who still can’t understand me, friend with benefit means two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment.

Believe me there are tough times in your life, when you feel like you stranded on an island with no one to help you. This is just the time when you need such a friend, a friend with benefit. We all know fornication is one of the most effective method for easing your nerves.


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