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Published on October 10th, 2013 | by M.V. (Romania)


How to pick up a Romanian girl

1.     Understand the social dynamics

Romanian girls are not so open like in the West Europe or US, the communism still affects us in a manner that we do not see even it had ended 15 years before.

I will tell you something I learned during my hundreds of approaches in my early seduction stage. I learned the social dynamics, psychology and everything related to how Romanian girls act.

Romania is a country based on the duality of love / hate, just like all the countries in the Balkans. This means that relationships between people are based on the emotions of love or hatred, or somewhere in between, but this is the relationship basis between people.

What does this mean for Romania?

Romanians don’t like to start conversation with strangers. They have strong religious perspectives and prejudices. Romanians are hospitable to the guests, but indifferent to strangers.

Besides, according to the saying: “if you do not know you, I do not care about you”, you must be very hardened against rejection because it happens more often than in other countries. So cold approaches made ​​in Romania, on the street or anywhere public, are very valuable, because they are more difficult.

Smiling is a proof of affection, but in Romania it is not offered to strangers. Younger generations are starting to change and borrow habits from Western Europe and US.

Picking up a Romanian girl might sound tricky when you’re reading this, but I assure you that it’s not that difficult. You just have to test it and see for yourself. People are the same everywhere and their perspectives can be changed.

So we’re getting to the next part.


2.     Don’t stay there too long. And tell a good story.

Maybe I exaggerated a bit about Romania, every country has its ups and downs but one this is certain. Wherever you go, you can’t stay there too long.

I realized that when I was approaching a girl. It all went like this:



How are you?


(Fluff talk, without time constraint)

You know, I have to go to the bathroom.

I need to go to my friend over there. See you soon.

I need to leave now. Bye!

Telling a good story shows that you have life experience and that can only be good for you. People telling life experience in a confident manner are really attractive.

So one night I was drinking a coffee with a friend of mine called Toni at Starbucks. My best friend. And then we saw three girls who were staring at us. I looked at Toni. He looked at me.

I usually tell the girl that I won’t stay long because I have to go back to my friends. This time I asked them if we could join them for 5 minutes. We stayed there 2 more hours and they told us we are the most interesting guys they’ve ever seen.

I started the conversation by telling one of the girls that I liked her and I couldn’t let her go until I knew her better.

Picking up a Romanian girl is all about having cojones and letting your emotions flow into the conversation. Girls will love you for that.


3.     They are just like any other women


Unexpectedly, wherever I looked and wherever I went, I saw Romanian people. It was one time when I saw a Romanian couple walking through the Buckingham Park, one time when I saw a businessman talking on the phone in Romanian, and a Romanian guy that delivered me pizza. Another time, among the dozens of blond British people with blue eyes, I heard a suave voice that tickled my ears in a familiar way: “Ce faci fata? Ce ti-ai cumparat? Lasa-ma sa vad. Uite ce mi-am cumparat eu.” (What’s up, girl? What have you bought for yourself? Let me see. Look what I’ve bought.)

Yes, two Romanian girls who were out shopping, maybe in Harrods, who were probably finding their way to the hotel through a train station.

What surprised me (in a pleasant way) is that the women with the most beautiful body that I’ve seen so far are Romanian women. And so, in my foray into the unknown, I came to remember some things about women. I remembered that it doesn’t matter the nationality or their country of origin, their education or pattern of thinking. They all have the same exact needs. It doesn’t matter the country in which we interact or communicate, we are all natural human beings.

Picking up a Romanian women is just like picking up any women, except for the fact that they look great.


4.     Great attitude, great girls

It was 21st of December, 2007. My girlfriend had dumped me. I tried to change myself and achieve a better and more effective state of mind. I read tons of information and I was really interested in how to pick up a woman.

Women want men to have a positive attitude that can capture their attention and “meet their requirements”. It took me several months to calibrate my attitude and begin to have huge results. I tried to be confident, but calm when I listened and active when I talked. I finally aced it. I took me about 8 months.

It was one time when I wanted to just let my emotions do all the trick and have a natural attitude. So I went to this girl in a club called Kulturhaus in Bucharest. The conversation was something like this:

ME: Hey, how are you?

HER: Hey, I’m fine, thanks.

(10 minutes later, after a really nice conversation)

HER: I saw you with a girl.

ME: Really? I don’t believe you. You’re lying.

HER: Nooo, you were coming from home, you were holding her hand..

ME: Neah, it wasn’t me, I don’t hang out with girls, I’m shy and ugly.

HER: Yeah, sure.

ME: I wasn’t walking with a girl.

HER: Why are you staring at my cleavage?

(pulling her cleavage and taking a closer look to her breasts)

ME: I’m just curious!

HER: Heeeey!

ME: I forgot to tell you something…

HER: What?


HER: Whaaaaaat?

ME: Seriously, I hid it my whole life. I l o v e y o u!

HER: You’re crazy!

ME: Seriously, I can’t live without you.

HER: I’m gonna punch you!

ME: I want you to marry me!

HER: You’re crazy, leave me alone!

I got closer and kissed her. We sat on the couch all night chatting and telling the stories of our lives. One week later we had sex.


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