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People of Romanian seduction community

Attending my first seduction seminar was a huge step forward in my life. I had never thought I would actually do that. It took me a lot to decide whether to borrow money for the trip to Sasca Montana or not and admit that I was not the man I wanted. It took me weeks to accept that.

I arrived in Timisoara, a stopover, at 8:25am and headed for a meeting place with one of my friends from there. The seminar was planned to begin at 5pm and I had plenty of time to drink a coffee at Starbucks.

I found myself waiting in a large guesthouse hall with about 12 other guys just like me: men who have accepted defeat and decided to take that seduction seminar. Men who considered themselves not good enough for this world and decided to change that. However, it was a long road ahead of us.


The situation in Romania

The moment I attended that seminar, seduction was fresh in Romania. It all started on a seduction forum in 2004, called Romanian girls were not so open like in the West Europe, the communism still affected us in a manner that we did not see even it had ended 15 years before. The religious perspectives were strong and it took more than 15 years for the people in Romania to become more like the people in Occident. The Internet had the greatest influence. People saw other cultures, interacted with foreigners and the borders disappeared. In 2004 it was much harder to pick-up on the street, because women were more closed. They could easily see you as a pervert who wanted to abuse them sexually. So it was hard. Extremely hard.

However, times have changed. When I attended the seminar in 2008 seduction was not seen as a forbidden thing as before.

Romanian pick-up artists

The “coaches” were two guys well known in the seduction community in Romania: Pera Novacovici and Daniel Zarnescu. Pera was a 30-year old psychologist with numerous degrees in NLP and Daniel was a successful businessman in his late 20s who started everything from scratch. Actually, both of them started from scratch. Pera’s dad was an alcoholic and Daniel parent’s abandoned him when he was young. They didn’t have any money in their pockets when they started and worked hard to achieve those results.

They were wearing shirts, colored sneakers, blue jeans and a big smile on their face. They were normal guys just like us, but their true power was inside them. It was like a fire that burned inside them and you could see that in their body language.

They moved like water, slowly, precisely and with confidence. They did not do any other movement that wasn’t necessary. I could immediately feel a tremendous sense of trust. Those were the guys that I wanted to see for so long.

They guided us to an old conference room with tasteful alpine furnishings, natural lighting, elegant décor, fireplace, minibar and mountain views. It was a dream location. It was perfect for the plan they had prepared for us.

Alex, the awkward guy

I was glad that there were actually worse people than me in the world.

The first time that I saw Alex I was on my way to the pension in Sasca Montana. He was trying to look cockish, but he was curious and attentive to the place and the other guys. I could smell his emotions from distance. I sat next to him in the conference room and I quickly understood that he was one of us. He enrolled in the training just like any other person. It kinda surprised me to see that this guy had no desire to succeed. He was still searching for a magic pill: a magic explanation or a phrase that would make him able to sleep with hundreds of women. He was not attentive to the micro details when he was receiving strong feedback. Alex did not push hard enough.

When he approached women, he went from one side to another. He stood bent in one hand, flustered and sometimes didn’t even smile. He was a shipwreck. It was like someone erased his memory after he had said 2-3 simple sentences. It took him about 20 approaches finally to get a phone number.

I remember one time when he went to this blonde chick to get her number. It was a sunny day, there were lots of people around and he was anxious. We were in the center of Sasca Montana. He approached her directly.

Alex (coming from behind her): Hey, how are you?

Girl (trying to avoid him and leave): I’m kinda in a hurry.

Alex (standing frigid like a plank): Hey, wait a minute, I want to talk to you.

Girl leaves.

When he finally managed to get a girl’s phone number he listened to the strong feedback. We were in a bar. He stood up and approached two girls who were drinking the morning coffee.

Alex (with a genuine smile on his face and moving actively): HEEEY, I want to know you two better. You seem nice to me and I just couldn’t stay and just stare at you. However, I won’t stay long because my friends are waiting for me. My name’s Alex.

Girl : (changing their state from passive to active and being curious): Hello, my name is Ramona and she is Anca. Nice to meet you.

He stayed there about 10 minutes, got THEIR phone numbers and returned to our table. It was obvious that he had learnt the essential principles of seduction. The coaches were not there to see that, we were just drinking a coffee. I was pretty much proud of him.

Razvan, the virgin

Razvan was the type of guy who never kissed a girl. He was raised by his grandmother in a Catholic Church style and he remained shy and virgin until 23. He was the perfect example of an antisocial person. He believed that he was no good for planet Earth and he would never have sex with a woman: he was the kind of passive man who did not have the hunger for success and who waited for others to tell him what to do.

The moment I first talked to him I realized that he was scared of me and he was trying to please me. When I smiled, he smiled, when I look towards something, he did the same. I could sense he was very nervous and then I asked myself how would he approach a woman.

In the introductive part of the seminar we all talked about ourselves in turn and tried to make friends. Razvan told us that it took him 4 months to prepare mentally for that seminar. It took us one hour to make him talk and tell us his story. When it was his turn to speak, he was trying to smile but the words couldn’t get out of his mouth. He was the last one to tell his story. Pera started asking him little questions and slowly fueled the steam train. By the end of the introductive part, he hadn’t finished his story. He just couldn’t stop. That was the time when I realized he had a HUGE potential. And I wasn’t the only one.

He told us the story of his life. Every piece of information from what’s written here is what I heard in the very first day of the seminar. His parents left him when he was 5 and he was raised by his grandmother. His balls were locked in a case when he was young. It was the time to take them back.

When he decided to take the seduction seminar, he bought new clothes and told his grandmother he went to some relatives in Moldova.

He had enough money to buy a car or take a girl to an expensive restaurant. He was not an ugly guy and he had read about 2 libraries in his childhood. He was smart and well-read. He was just paralyzed by fear and prejudices his grandmother told him.

The first time he approached a girl he only needed to say “Hello!” and nothing more. And he did that. Only that. After that the girl just stood there and waited for him to say something. He left.

I must say, that seminar changed his entire life. He awakened the other Razvan inside him and transformed into a more confident guy. Of course, you could still see his emotions and flutter, but he was not that anxious and he could talk to a girl.

I was shocked when I heard that he finally managed to get a phone number. He just did it. It took him about 2 hours of practicing his confidence in front of the mirror before doing it. For me, it was like seeing a baby who started walking for the first time.

Razvan (with a genuine smile and really calm): You’re so pretty that I can’t let you go on. I need to know you better.

Girl (obviously surprised): Hey, thanks.

Razvan: I need to get to a meeting now but I’d really want to get in touch with you sometime. Here, write your name and your phone here and I’ll call you.

Girl (she smiled while being shocked): Okay, but tell me your name.

Razvan: Razvan. Nice to meet you, pretty girl. Bye!

Girl: Bye!

We were all shocked. He actually planned everything: his posture, his words, calculated potential girl reactions and brought a ballpoint and an agenda with him.

When I last talked to him on Skype in 2010 (2 years after the seminar), he had a girlfriend, he had lost his virginity and he also slept with another three women.

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