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Published on October 10th, 2013 | by M.V. (Romania)


Stories of Romanian dating gurus

Daniel Zarnescu and Pera Novacovici taught me how to be an intuitive seducer. I first met them at a seduction seminar in Sasca Montana, Romania. I wanted to know more about them and I found out their stories eventually. They were both incredible personalities who started from 0 and achieved success. Some parts of this article are extracted from Daniel Zarnescu’s personal journal, which he published in 2010.

Daniel Zarnescu

Being an intuitive seducer means being a male magnet. A real man attracts everything in his life just like a magnet, just following his path. Women, money, successful people, blessing, women and women. When I asked Daniel why he is so active and where does he take all that energy and motivation from, he told me: “You see, I had nothing. I didn’t have money to buy a soda when I was a child. And then I realized that if I had women, I would have money and success. If I had money, I had women and success. It was a vicious circle.”

So he decided to take life in his own hands and build a destiny just for him. When he was young he tried to bet on different football games. He created a systematic pattern that helped him win some serious money. However, these things were not for him. He became a photographer. After that, he became a bartender. Then he became a painter. Then a salesperson. But he wanted more. He wanted “a café that would produce 1000 euros per month, an apartment near the café and a husky called Whiskey.“

He approached more than 5000 women. He explained me how he learned to take a phone number. How he managed to get to dates. How he convinced the girls to come to his place (in fact, it was a friend’s place, he stayed with his parents at that time). How he seduced girls and how he managed to have sex. He explained me that he had to test each step of seduction for about 20 times before he understood and aced it.

He started 5 companies and all of them went bankrupt. He is the kind of guy that learns from his experiences and doesn’t go back when he has to face something major. Huge failures brought him huge success.

There was a time when he could easily seduce any woman but he didn’t have money. It took him about 4 years in which 5 little companies of him went bankrupt before he achieved the state he wanted. He currently owns a print company, many online seduction websites and how-to-become-an-entrepreneur programs which he created from scratch. He teaches people and he is known as one of the best dating gurus in Romania. Technically speaking, he is some sort of Neil Strauss of Romania: he is a writer, entrepreneur, and a seducer in the same time.

Pera Novacovici

Pera is the kind of guy who came from a broken home. He didn’t learn the meaning of love and affection. His dad was an alcoholic and sometimes beat him and his mother. He confused love with attentions and he struggled for many years to attract attention wherever he went.

The main difference between Daniel and Pera is that Daniel is more systematic and he makes a plan like he is in some sort of battle or war. He notes exactly what to do, when to do, why to do and how to do that specific thing. Pera is more dreamily and moony and he writes and talks with passion and feelings. He is a psychologist after all.

He was a virgin until he was 19 years old and at 22 he began to learn how to behave with a woman and how to connect with another human being.

From the spiritual point of view, he hated God for 15 years because he didn’t help him understand what he did wrong in his life. At 22 he quit college, started studying psychology and wrote his first book at 24. His dissertation paper was ‘Applied psychology in seduction’.

I read it. It was outstanding.

He told me that he approached thousands of women in his early seduction stage and he wrote down everything. Back then he didn’t have a computer to access the Internet or write in Notepad. He managed to get both his parents at the same table at 30 and have healthy relationships with them based on mutual respect and understanding. He told me: “Better later than never.”

He now owns the biggest seduction website in Romania,, where he gathered a whole community of people who study seduction.

In 2008, when I attended the seminar he had a great relationship with Oana, his girlfriend. They had a relationship for 3 years and they seemed like they had discovered the secrets to a successful relationship. The greatest thing about Pera Novacovici is that he created everything from scratch based on what he read and experienced with the women and people in the last 10 years of his life.


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