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Published on October 2nd, 2013 | by M.V. (Romania)


Why I decided to take the seduction training

I cannot believe I’m writing this, because I thought at one point that I would stop writing too personal things, but I feel it’s time to share everything I’ve learned just to give more people the opportunity to learn from my experience and my mistakes.

My story

It was the summer of 2008 when I was dumped by my girlfriend. Twice. It was a girl I really loved and it hit me tragically when she first said: “I want to tell you something. I don’t feel I’m into you that way, we should be just friends”. I managed to bring us together again after I discovered seduction and I applied on her some things I read on and Somehow I changed myself into a more “alpha” man by learning some texts. I thought I changed.

This time she told me she found another guy and we should break up. I was kaput. Destroyed. Ruined.

I had never felt so much anger and disappointment in my life. However, I was not mad at her. I’m not that type of guy. I just felt something was wrong with me and I was literally no good for anything. I was mad at me. It was the very first moment, pain and suffering that taught me what life actually was. I understood that I needed to change myself from inside and not just learn some openers, psychological tricks and jokes to entertain a woman, which were the things I did. I thought that learning some texts would make me a real man.

I had to change my personality, my roots, my habits, my friends, and encompass successful people. It was the first time I had seen “the big picture” of life. I had to work hard to become the alpha seducer.

Why not meet the best?

And then I decided I had to meet the best seducers in my country. I had to see their body language, their tone of voice, their story, how they gazed women and how they actually seduced them. I wanted to encompass myself of successful people like them. I wanted to see them in action and, most importantly, learn their secrets and life experiences.

Back then I wasn’t earning too much money for myself and I was forced to borrow some money from a friend of mine. I took all the money I had in my scholarship account, asked for a few extra from my dad, and hit the road to Sasca Montana, the place where the seminar was to be taken.

I took the train and got there in 6 hours. We all met in a local guesthouse, in a large rented conference room with oversized windows, natural lighting, old furniture, equipped with all the facilities to create a good presentation. The seminar held three consecutive days. We went to local clubs, approached women on the streets in daylight and had a few theory sessions. I met all those seducers with some years of experience that could be seen in their look and in their eyes. I was brainwashed and taught how to be a confident guy who seduces women. It was something different from what I had seen on the internet. They taught us how to be… intuitive seducers.

I came home a changed man

The seminar somehow awakened my true potential, opened my eyes and made me see far beyond the limits I put to myself until that time. I left Sasca Montana a changed man. It was only then I realized why I had decided to take that seduction training.

When I finally got home I met my ex-girlfriend and told her the following thing:

“Deep inside yourself lives a small unsatisfied nymphomaniac who likes to be forced to put her face in the pillow and her butt up and who likes to feel dominated for several hours each night as an insatiable sex slave. But that naughty little girl inside you cannot come to the surface now, she’s not allowed… she must have patience until I give her permission to be herself”.

It was something sincere and my words were just coming out from me, from the confident guy inside me. I felt like an actor on stage. My act was outstanding. We brought together and we had the most passionate sex of all time.


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