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Published on November 11th, 2013 | by Rose


I Am an Alpha Female and I Don’t Care If Men Are Intimidated by It

It never occurred to me that I had traits that would scare the hell out of men. Well they call them ‘Alpha female’ behavioral patterns but to me they are just ordinary personal habits. I have been born a clever and pretty person with a somehow brave attitude. I have always seen myself as unique and constantly seeking to break that proverbial glass ceiling that prevents women from reaching the top. I have been a no nonsense to the male folk.. Am sorry if I have hurt them in the process but I am just asserting my values.

Well, I may not be right all the time but I hate pretending; living a life that am not. I have focused on self improvement and I have enjoyed hanging up with positive people. I really am not the kind of person who gets scared of ‘class’ because I always look at myself as a leader in my own right if not of others then myself. I have exuded characteristics and behavioral traits that have put me at loggerheads with the male folk but that is as far as it goes. I am a human being after all and I should not live in pretence just to make life cozy for another person:

I Am Fearless and Unashamed

This is probably one of the traits that mean find strange with me. You will not find me bored and feeling lonely simply because the person I call my love is not around; not me. I have such a brave personality that at times it makes me feel as if am the man in the relationship. I am not easily carried away by emotions and the feel of anxiety instead I stand strong through circumstances and I face situations just like a human being and not necessarily a female.

If for instance I happen to meet a potential date and I feel that I have liked them even if it is a crush, I will let them know. I do not walk with unresolved cases and unsaid statements. I do not carry baggage for the fear of being ashamed. I find it hard to escape the personality that defines me. This has made me to be termed as a tomboy but to me I think am more than that; an assertive woman.

I Hate Being Attracted To Men in the First Instance

I know that I am beautiful and admirable. This however does not give a license to everyman to just think that within the twinkle of an eye am in love with them. This is something that I have practiced from childhood and I always tell myself that even if a man is sexually attractive, I will not fall for him in the first date; what will he take me for?

I have received dating advice from people who call themselves relationship counselors but I have always believed that there is a window of personal choice within which am meant to operate. The buck finally stops with me. Conventionally ladies have expressed the soft part of them when dating men they especially ‘love’; responding positively to flirting messages and all that..But for me I find all that sarcastic because honestly why would you say that you love me even before we get to know one another. For the sake of my feminine respect, I do not stomach that.

I Lose Control When Men Least Expect It

Being the ‘Alpha type’, I tend to lead every discussion and possibly conclude it. This has left many men wondering what place they occupy in my life because it seems I have total control. Well, that is true am usually in control of all I say and do 90% of the time but when they last expect it, I lose it (the 10% of the time). The only problem is that when am in that stage, most men are taken by surprise because they least expect it from me. How would you for instance react to the fact that I oppose all sexual advances that men make towards me and then at the end of it all I give them a goodbye kiss? This is the opportune moment that many men tend to miss. If you want to try it, go ahead and date me.

Dissing Men Is a Game I Love

I just love telling them off! That’s me. I know men get attracted to me so fast so I just love playing hard to get. At times I totally agree within myself that am faking it but well I don’t have another way of expressing it. I love it when the male folk become frustrated just because of me. Not that I am a sadist but just a risk taker in love. I know the possibility of losing them in the process but hey, the same way they came is the same way they will go. Nobody came to date me forever. I will enjoy the niceties and when they are flat, I release them.

What I Look and Feel Is None of Your Business

I hate dwelling in dreams and imaginations of what others think of me. I do not read the bible regularly but I know there is a line that says ‘a fool is obsessed with what others think of them’. I just do not have lots of space inside me to sit idle and think of the opinions of others towards me; and by the way am having a strong ego not that I feel fragile and shaky. I just hate pleasing everybody in my life; am not a woman of the people! There is one syndrome that I would never love to have and that is the nice lady syndrome. I love constructive feedback though but hate negativity.

Occasionally I Scream When Sleeping With Men

I hope this does not mix you up but at times I just love having a good time. I am not being immoral but I at times feel that I also deserve a nice time. I believe that men are weakest when in bed and I just want to give it a shot to just taste their weakness and fragility. I like it if they moan in the process but if they don’t am not angered either; it is hard to fake feelings at times. I have a mindset of abundance and I just want to give myself fully when I decide, so that the lucky men can enjoy their day. It may be sad to you but to me it’s a little fountain of fun.

Real Connections to Me Are For Serious Relationships

If you come to me as a casual date I will forever take you like that. I enjoy connecting with people either for fun, business or just for the keeps. If you feel you deserve a real connection with me, then try cultivating a relationship. I hate ordinary men who come in plastic suits wanting a deeper relationship with me. There is more to me than sex and my womanhood; I hope men are hearing me out there. I will treat you as a stalker until you get real and express yourself better than just wanting to have a quickie with me. I treat such men as lost.

There is more that makes me special and fun to hang around, with more so if you have a life other than just flirting around with me. This lifestyle has saved me lots of heartaches over relationships gone sour and I always pick up myself faster that my male counterparts. I bounce back really fast wear a brave face and head on to the next challenge. To me life is fun and I am to live it to the fullest.

by Rose

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