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Published on November 11th, 2013 | by Rose


My 8 Texting Habits That Men Find Hard To Cope With

Love it or loathe it, my texting habit is terrible but that is just me. I have been in and out of dates but I think this is one part of me that will never change. Not that I have given up but I think the far I have tried, let it just be. If you have texting etiquette I think that is you and I respect it. I have always used texting to tell all the lies that I ever have; the places am not the love messages that are not sincere; am yet to tell the truth while texting. I have heard of the basic guidelines, what you ought to do and what you ought not but to me it has never worked instead I will take you through what I feel is just my way of doing things. Whether am texting a man am interested in or a friend I have just met in the mall, this is how I do it.

1.     I Use Improper Grammar

It has never occurred to me that I have to proofread my messages and correct grammar errors. That is not how I do my stuff. Usually I write a message and at the end I just send it that way. That is what I believe a short text message (SMS) should be. It should be quick and timely not like an essay that the other person should mark and grade it. I have heard of people saying that a badly written text message is a deal breaker but I think to me that is what keeps me off from men am not supposed to have met. It you dislike me because of this position I have taken am sorry but I think there are many out there who read and proofread their text messages that you can as well date.

2.     I Have Never Used the Emoticons

I was shocked that emoticons are used in writing of messages. At first I thought that they are just to scroll over and admire. I just do not find sense sending a message with a love emoticon. In fact men who try sending such messages to me get a flat response because I just do not value them. They are meaningless to me and appear insincere. Don’t expect such from me if you are to comfortably date me for long.

3.     I Do Not Send Lots of Text Messages and I Think You Shouldn’t Too

What is the point of flooding a man’s phone with text messages anyway? I find calling easier and better. I do not like someone to have a written record of what I can express verbally. I find quarrels emanating from my failure to send text messages as ridiculous and childish. I have been in such quarrels and they have all ended up in one thing; a break up. I think all of us deserve it. I will not bend to kiss your feet just to make you feel nice. Respect my stand and I will do the same to yours.

4.     My Texting Time Is Within Reasonable Hours

I value my sleep and as such I won’t stay awake just to text you expressing how much I feel for you. That is a promise that I will certainly not deliver and I feel it wise to set the record straight with a man before going into a relationship. Many men have been turned off by this but I feel that was it; we did not deserve each other. The only time I text back is when there is an emergency or an instance where I drive home late at night and I want to tell you that I arrived safely.

5.     My Text Messages Are Short and Precise

My mind registers that text messages are for relaying short explanations not spicing up dinner dates. To my interpretation, this means that I should not use a lot of statements to explain a simple concept. Why should I say that you are the king of my heart if there are short words like my love and darling? Do not expect phrasal verbs from me either, they are not part of my vocabulary. I like it simple and short. If you do not believe it you try dating me.

6.     I Do Not Take Text Messages Too Personal

The men I have dated have always picked a quarrel with me as a result of text messages that I sent to them. When I call you shit it does not mean that you really are. I mean, that is just a casual word and I do not expect you to get personal over it; come on! Personally I have been called names but I do not give a damn because they are just that; names and nothing more. I do not like arguing over things that have been said about me through a text message when I can just laugh it off.

7.     I Do Not Like Flirting Via Text Messages

I hate typing and staring at a phone screen. I prefer calling as opposed to saying’ I love you too via text’. It irritates me and makes me a bit uneasy. I do not mind the other person texting me but let them not expect a response at least from me. I find expressing love via text messages very plastic and unreal. You may or may not agree with me but that is just me anyway and I have no apologies to make; not even to the men who date me for hours and then flee. I am not a bad woman though; it is only that I love my principles more than the men I date.

8.     I Mostly Forget Dates Set Over Text Messages

As I earlier said, I do not like stuff sent over text messages. This approach has made me miss so many dates and you can guess the number of men who have breathed fire down my throat. I find it easy and simple to just call and fix a day. I find ‘text message dates’ so unromantic. I guess if you are confident enough, you can pick up your call, say hello and fix the date period.

As a far as text messages are concerned, this describes how my experience has been. Am not planning to change any time soon so guys you better change and adapt or just keep off. I don’t bend my rules to temporarily accommodate and make someone feel nice and this has worked.

by Rose

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