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Published on November 18th, 2013 | by Sveten


10 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Mahatama Gandhi once sagaciously said, “He who makes girl happy, is he who get laid.” Mahatama Gandhi was the role model of all wannabe Casanova’s in his day. He was the go-to guy when you needed advice about women. Some history scholars even believe that Julius Caesar asked Mahatama Gandhi for advice on how to make his wife, Teresa (Now known as Mother Teresa) happy.

I may not have paid attention in my History class through high school, but I did pay attention to the ladies. There is one thing that all women want, happiness. Your role as a boyfriend is to make her happy. Now I don’t know if you want to be the perfect guy, or the Mr. Right your girlfriend has been looking for, but the quick, easy, and painless way to do it is very simple, make her happy.

In no particular order, here are 10 ways you can make, and keep, your girlfriend happy:

Listen To Her

This is as simple as it sounds. Communication and listening are keys in any and all relationships. Excel in one, and then pursue the other. Listen to her when she talks, don’t just nod and hum while you think about playing the new Call of Duty game.

Don’t Lie

Do I really even need to talk about this? The spectrum of lying ranges from small, white lies, to big lies. Lies are lies, and lies backfire. Be careful, and avoid lying as much as possible.

Get Her What She Really Wants

There’s a difference between getting her the right gift, and getting her something really expensive. It’s not how much you spend, but it’s how you spend. Some of the best gifts cost nearly nothing. Make her a card, a collage of your photos together, etc.

Meet Her Family

Now, some girls like the rebellious bad boy who is hated by, and hates, her family. Let’s be honest, though, that list is very short. Most girls like a guy who can get along with her family. Meet her parents whenever they’re in town, or whenever your girl wants you to. Remember, if her friends and family don’t like you, then they may eventually convince her that you’re not good for her.

To keep it simple using a Game of Thrones reference, be a Stark in the streets, and a Lannister in the sheets.

Compliment Her

Here, even little things count. In this day and age where women try everything they can to be the prettiest they can, a small “You look beautiful.” can go a long way. Be simple, but truthful. Instead of “Your hair is pretty.” try “I like what you did with your hair tonight. It looks really beautiful.” Be creative.

Don’t Take Her For Granted

Keep in mind that a relationship is a two-way street.  So, work at keeping her happy. Don’t put your silly video games before her. When you’re out on a date, talk to her, not to people on your phone. Doing thing likes that will make her think you’re taking her for granted. Also, you can do all of that and more when she’s not around.

Don’t Be Too Insecure or Possessive

Don’t be so insecure or possessive that your girlfriend feels suffocated. You want her to be happy every time she speaks with you or sees you. If you suffocate her, it could ruin a good relationship. They will only take so much hurt in a relationship. Don’t lose her.

Be Spontaneous

Surprise her with notes, flowers, or a sudden getaway. Take her somewhere new, and make sure you plan the whole day out so there isn’t ever a dull moment. Ask her about her schedule (while planning) in such a way that she doesn’t suspect anything.

Be Sensitive

Be sensitive while talking about girls from your past. I can’t possibly stress on this one enough. If you have female friends you’d want to girlfriend to like, NEVER compliment your female friends’ physical attributes. Understand that she may be suspicious of your female friends at first. Make all her doubts go away. If you have something positive to say about a friend, say something about her personality.

Be a Real Life Ryan Gosling

Love stories don’t just happen on the silver screen, and you don’t need to wait for the 14th of February to sweep your girlfriend off her feet. Do something out of the ordinary when she least expects it. Something you’d see in the movies. This would be a major plus in her books.

Hang out in groups

By this, I mean, take her out with your friends once in a while. Every night out with them doesn’t necessarily have to be a guy’s night out. Also, go out with her and her friends when she wants you to. This will make her very happy.

Take Her Out

If you don’t like to take her out with your friends, then at least take her out often. Go for walks, movies, dinner at restaurants, etc. I’m not asking you to spend a lot of money, just do something, anything, which involves you guys spending time outdoors.

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